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    Additional liveries BB26000


    Additional liveries for the BB26000 SimExpress

    WARNING: This add-on contains only textures and preloads. In order to work properly it is necessary to have made the purchase in advance of the “Electic locomotives BB26000” Pack in classic livery.

    Download content: 12 locomotives in liveries carmillon, freight (FRET), corail +, ghost and TER Alsace

    • In “ghost” livery :

    BB 26006
    BB 26033
    BB 26060

    • In “carmillon” livery :

    BB 26037
    BB 26043

    • In “corail+” livery :

    BB 26014 – coat of arms “DOLE”
    BB 26160
    BB 26227 (3 lights)

    • In “FRET” livery :

    BB 26063
    BB 26184 – coat of arms “BOURGOGNE”
    BB 26192 – coat of arms “PORTES-LES-VALENCE” (3 lights)

    • In “TER Alsace” livery :

    BB 26070


    For the use of these locomotives in QuickDrive (QD), preloads are provided with the pack of additional liveries. You will find in this pack preloads with loco only but also in composition with passenger and freight trains. For the smooth operation of the  preloads, SimExpress corail packs are required. For the operation of preloads with goods trains, the free add-ons listed below will be needed:





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