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    Lunea Corail coaches


    Corail reclining seats VTU and sleepers VU coaches of the SNCF of first and second class in Lunea livery.

    Download content :  4 coaches

    • Liveries:

      1  VU corail  sleeper coach of first class A9c9ux in  lunea livery
      1  VU corail  sleeper coach of second class B10c10ux in  lunea livery
      1  VU corail  sleeper+services coach of second class B7c7ux in  lunea livery
      1  VTU corail  reclining seats coach of second class B9 1/2 in  classic livery

    These cars are optimised to be used in large numbers in your scenarios

    IMPORTANT !! => Remember to activate the ETX in the control panel of TS2017 in order to take full advantage of the sounds in interior view.


    • Realistic interior view for each version
    • Stereo Sounds Recorded on Real Cars
    • High resolution textures
    • Representation of the brake control system
    • Functional and automatic end-of-train lights
    • Conformity markings and markings

    Downloadable file size: 112 MB

    Characteristics of the real cars:

    It was during the summer service of 2000 that SNCF deployed the Lunéa Night Service, a commercial brand providing the customer with a quality service on major national night-time relationships. The client is assured of having air-conditioned equipment, and in sleeper cars, a bed made thanks to the appearance of duvets. The upgrading of night trains has restored their vitality. These improvements were of the taste of the customers who after a disaffection, was again interested in this offer.

    Overall lenght: 26.4 meters
    Overall width: 2,825 meters
    Maximu speed: 200 km/h
    Bogeys: Y32 – combination disc brakes and clogs
    Mass in running order: 41 tons
    Power generation: static converter 30kVA
    Air conditioning: Yes
    Manufacturer: ANF Industries and De Dietrich in Reichshoffen


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