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    Lunea Corail coaches


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    (1 customer review)

    Corail reclining seats VTU and sleepers VU coaches of the SNCF of first and second class in Lunea livery.

    Download content :  4 coaches

    • Liveries:

      1  VU corail  sleeper coach of first class A9c9ux in  lunea livery
      1  VU corail  sleeper coach of second class B10c10ux in  lunea livery
      1  VU corail  sleeper+services coach of second class B7c7ux in  lunea livery
      1  VTU corail  reclining seats coach of second class B9 1/2 in  classic livery

    These cars are optimised to be used in large numbers in your scenarios

    IMPORTANT !! => Remember to activate the ETX in the control panel of TS2017 in order to take full advantage of the sounds in interior view.


    • Realistic interior view for each version
    • Stereo Sounds Recorded on Real Cars
    • High resolution textures
    • Representation of the brake control system
    • Functional and automatic end-of-train lights
    • Conformity markings and markings

    Downloadable file size: 112 MB

    Characteristics of the real cars:

    It was during the summer service of 2000 that SNCF deployed the Lunéa Night Service, a commercial brand providing the customer with a quality service on major national night-time relationships. The client is assured of having air-conditioned equipment, and in sleeper cars, a bed made thanks to the appearance of duvets. The upgrading of night trains has restored their vitality. These improvements were of the taste of the customers who after a disaffection, was again interested in this offer.

    Overall lenght: 26.4 meters
    Overall width: 2,825 meters
    Maximu speed: 200 km/h
    Bogeys: Y32 – combination disc brakes and clogs
    Mass in running order: 41 tons
    Power generation: static converter 30kVA
    Air conditioning: Yes
    Manufacturer: ANF Industries and De Dietrich in Reichshoffen

    1 review for Lunea Corail coaches

    1. 5 out of 5


      This is hands down one of the best add-ons I’ve purchased for train simulator. The detail that these coaches incorporate is stunning! The sounds are also some of the most pleasing ones I’ve ever heard, be it exterior or interior.. To top that off, one of the most fascinating features of these coaches is the lighting, because the lights aren’t always on, or always off. They turn on and off depending on the time of the day, which makes them ever more pleasing to the simmer. Also, during the night, the way the lights fall on the nearby scenery makes these coaches a sight for sore eyes in the dark as well.

      These coaches are incredibly versatile as well.They’ll make complete sense on absolutely any route, being led by any kind of locomotive. For example, I am a huge fan of British steam locomotives, but my blood would boil every time I realized that technically almost all the British steam loco add-ons offer only Mark-1 coaches. So I started searching for some other types of coaches which were more pleasing to the eye, and more modern than the standard old Mark-1, and that’s how I came across this add-on. It is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. These coaches make my train stand out, and they allow the aesthetic of the olden times to blend with the modern world, beautifully.

      So…hats off developers! You’ve done an incredible job with this add-on, and I’ve never had a dull moment with it. A humongous thanks for providing such an add-on to the train sim community. You’ve done a better job with your product than technically all other developers out there that I’ve purchased products from, including DTG. So, thanks once again, and keep up the fabulous work!!!

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