SNCF Corail VU75 and VU78 seating coaches in classic livery pack.

Download content :  9 coaches

2 second class corail  coaches B11u (“super-large”) type in 2 variants A and B
2 first class corail  coaches A9u in 2 variants A and B
2 mixed first and second class corail coaches A4B6u in 2 variants A and B
+ 3 LOW POLY coaches


  • Variant A, start of career (1976 – 1990):
    • Y32A bogeys without protection of the primary suspension
    • Specific arrangement of curtains, doors and interior lights
  • Variant B, middle of career  (1990 – 2000):
    • Y32A bogeys equipped with protection of the primary suspension
    • Specific arrangement of curtains, doors and interior lights


  • Specific interior view for each version (CABVIEW)
  • Stereo sounds recorded aboard real coaches
  • High definition textures
  • Simulation of the braking control system (*)
  • Automatic rear red lights
  • Real markings and registration

File size:    100 Mo

Real coach caracteristics :

Iconic rolling stock of the French railways since their debut in 1975, the corail coaches (contraction of “comfort on rail”) are nowadays the very last coaches still on duty on classic trains in France. The VU corail coaches are arranged with compartments linked by a side corridor. Two types of constructions were used: the original one (VU75) considered too narrow to arrange the 8 seats compartment wanted by the SNCF, and the “super-large” one (VU78) which appeared in the deliveries that occurred after 1978.
Overall lenght : 26,4 meters (86,6 ft)
Overall width VU75: 2,825 meters (9,3 ft)
Overall width VU78 (“super-large”): 2,825 meters (9,3 ft)
Maximum speed : 160 km/h (100 MPH)
Bogeys: Y32 A
Total mass: 41 tons
Power source : static converter 30 kVA
Air conditioner : yes
Manufacturers : ANF industries and De Dietrich
Units:  90  B11u  /  105  A9u / 75  A4B6u
Commissionning : 1977 – 1978