Electric locomotive BB 26000 of the French railways (SNCF)

This add-on has been designed to be usable by all types of players. Those who do not want to be bothered by the actual operation of the machine will be able to deactivate all the safety systems and think only to the pleasure of riding without constraint while those who wish to reproduce in the game all the procedures that a real driver will encounter in line will easily find how to satisfy their requirements. To do this, a 30-pages manual is provided in the download which contains extracts from the manual of the actual machine for a complete immersion.

Download content: 6 locomotives in classic livery (orange/gray)


  • 2 headlights version :

BB 26136 – coat of arms OULLINS
BB 26167
BB 26174

  • 3 headlights version :

BB 26196 – coat of arms BREST
BB 26203 – coat of arms ANGOULEME
BB 26217


  • Realistic driving
    • Pneumatic assembly fully modeled
    • Functional auxiliary compressor
    • Functional “veille automatique” system
    • Realistic and functional KVB
    • Functional cab repetitions of signals
    • Pre-announcement for traffic at 200 km / h functional
    • Disengageable safety systems for more flexibility
    • Stereo sounds recorded on the actual machine
    • high resolution 3D and textures
    • Variable speed for wipers
    • Functional external brake control system
    • Realistic headlight/rearlights management
    • Markings and inscriptions in conformity
    • 95% of the machine’s systems are simulated
    • Management of pantographs for trains AI trains

Download size: 185 Mo

Features of the actual locomotive:

Power supply: bi-voltage 1.5kV continuous / 25 kV 50 Hz
Pantographs: one AL2 (1.5kV continuous) / one AM 90 U (25 kV – 50 Hz)
Traction diagram: mixed bridge / chopper / thyristor inverter
Power: 5600 kW
Maximum force: 320 kN
Mass: 90 tons
Length: 17,710 m
Width: 2.926 m
Height: 4,270 m
Maximum speed: 200 km / h
Builder: Alsthom
Units produced: 234
Delivery: from 1988 to 1998