Corail VTU corridor coaches of the French railways in 3 liveries:  classic / corail +/carmillon.

Download content: 10 cars

  • Carmillon livery:

         2 cars VTU78 of 2nd class B11tu and 1st class A10tu

  • Corail+ livery :

         2 cars VTU78 of 2nd class B11tu and 1st class A10tu
         2 VTU78 cars of 2nd class B11tu and 1st class A10tu with “corail intercités” logo
1 car VTU78 BAR B5rtu

  • Classic delivery:

         2 cars VTU78 of 2nd class B11tu and 1st class A10tu
1 car VTU78 BAR B5rtu

These cars are optimized and can be used in large numbers in your scenarios


  • Interior view of each version
  • Stereo Sounds Recorded on Real Cars
  • High resolution textures
  • Functional brake control system
  • Automatic end-of-train lights
  • Conformity markings

File size: 114 MB  

Characteristics of the real cars:

Emblematic of the SNCF’s mainline fleet, the Corail cars (from the contraction “comfort on rail”) are today (2017) the very last cars still in service on the main lines trains of the SNCF. When they arrived on the French network in the mid-1970s, they revolutionized the services offered to customers, notably by the widespread use of air conditioning and a colorful exterior design that sharply contrasted with the “green wagon” that was dominating over all rolling stock at the time.

Corail vehicles with central corridor VTUs are by far the most numerous in the corail family since a total of 2335 vehicles of this type were delivered until 1 January 1988. The interior fittings are initially due in their Majority to the famous designer Roger Tallon.

Overall length: 26.4 m
Overall width: 2,825 m
Maximum speed: 200 km / h
Bogies: Y32 – combination disc brakes and brakes
Mass in running order: 41 tons
Power generation: static converter 30kVA
Air conditioning: yes
Manufacturer: ANF Industries and De Dietrich in Reichshoffen
Units produced: 2,335
Commissioning: 1975 – 1988